Alphaform labs ostarine SARM 90 caps


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Alphaform Labs – Ostarine SARM – 90 Caps

Ostarine is a non-steroidal SARM that is formulated for improving muscular hypertrophy and reduce muscle wastage. Apart from its great benefits during bulking or cutting, Ostarine also aids in physical re-comping by making the body use calories from the fat stored in it, and the calories taken in diet are fed directly to the muscle tissues.

Due to its ability to regenerate bone and skeletal muscle tissues, the Ostarine SARM can be used to heal bone and joint problems, and for injury recovery as well. It works as a great bridge between cycles, increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance has no harmful effects on liver and blood-pressure and does not require long cooling off periods.

Servings Per container: 90

Serving size: 1-3


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