Nutrition King is a brand new supplement company selling protein and other muscle building, toning and fitness supplements; the difference betwen Nutrition King and any other supplement company is that we are fully endorsed, approved and produced by UK registered pharmacists. These pharmacists have looked over each ingredient to make sure the customer gets optimum benefit without increased costs and potential risk of any adverse effects.

We have not set this brand up to be a discount warehouse, where the customer never knows the right time to buy in order to get the best deal; instead we provide great quality products at good value prices.

Unlike many brands, we do not over engineer our products with uneccessary ingredients in insufficient amounts just to bump the price up; we focus on simple nutritional excellence at great value, rather than flash labels and fancy shaped tubs.

We promise to offer the best overall value in the UK, but this does not mean we will always be the cheapest; we will never sacrifice the quality of our products or the quality of our service.

The Nutrition King Team